Resetting - Renewing - Restoring - Rejoicing
March 3, 2014
"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.  Isaiah 60:1
March 3, 2014 – Arise And Shine - "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you - Arise And Shine.  Arise and shine for the Light that shines on us from above is a bright beacon of light that shines in our lives and that keeps us that lights the way that protects us and that leads and guides us.  So many things have changed as I have been on this journey.  So many things changed that I can’t single out anything.  I just don’t look at life like I used to.  In so many ways, I’m the person that I’ve always been but in many others, I’m not.  Arise And Shine.  I’ve learned, no matter what it is that I am looking forward.  My focus has narrowed.  Arise And Shine. Changing and steady moving is where I am.  For life to move forward, some things must change. For life to have meaning, some things must endure. I have learned to embrace change, because growth, progress and value creation are impossible without it.  I am making the most of the opportunities to change, to grow, to improve, and to move forward into the new territory where God is leading but at the same time, I am learning to protect and preserve the fundamental, enabling values upon which my life is built. Arise And Shine.  I am alive and aware, intelligent and capable, curious and adaptable, with the ability to feel and to experience an endless stream of wonder and wisdom. There are so many implications and possibilities that it is impossible to ever imagine them all.  There are times like today that the world that surrounds me may sometimes appear to be randomly cruel and oppressive. Sometimes the situations in which I find myself seem painful and unbearable.  It is at those moments that I realize that I can find joyful purpose in the darkest corners, and blessed fulfillment in transcending the most difficult challenges.  Arise And Shine.  I am so thankful to God that He has given to me the dreams – the visions – the goals and He knows the plans and the purpose that He has for me.  but there are times like in this moment where I just want to scream – I just want to throw in the towel and I just want to get back in the bed pull the covers over my head and hide – but guess what because of Whose I am and Who I serve and Who I believe in and Who I trust I just can’t.  It would be so easy now to give up – but giving up is not an option because I believe God and I know that the Word of God will not return void.  You see on this day as the calendar changes I am reminded of the passage of time – I am reminder that whatever the month, whatever the year now is the time for me to live; this is the moment for me to act. Arise And Shine.  Have you ever been talking and you realized that no one is listening – and it is in that moment that you realize that no one really cares about what you want – what you need – how you feel – as long as you are doing what they need – how they need it and when they need it that is all that matters – but I am so thankful of my relationship with Jesus – because I know that He cares – that His love is the same and that He is with me and that He will never leave me and that He really really listens when I am talking to Him.  Arise And Shine.  All that I am – I am right now.  All that I can be – begins in this moment. It seems as though all I have done is give give give and there is no more to give – but even when I let people know that there is no more – they still pull pull pull.  But still I live each moment fully – still I live each moment with love – but still I live with gratitude – but still I know that with God all things are possible and that there is no thing to hard for Him.  Arise And Shine.  And as the old folks use to say what don’t kill me will only make me stronger and I am still here.  And I realize that this is not going to be an overnight sensation – this is going to be a journey.  And I start this campaign with great expectation believing and standing on the Word of God knowing that He is able to more than I could ever imagine.  And I know that it is a journey from rock bottom to a life that really works.  And I know that this journey over the next year will not always be a straight line.  There will be some twists and some turns.  Some ups and downs along the way.  But because I have decided to believe God – to Arise and to Shine – I know that I better get my armor out.  Because I am going to need each piece.  This journey over the next year to the next level holds one key and that key is to enjoy the journey and that means to cherish each day – to open each present and to know that this is the day that the Lord has made and to rejoice and to be glad in it.  Arise And Shine - "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you - Arise And Shine. 


Pamela Guy-Strayhorn